Intes Micro MN76 7” F6 Maksutov -Newtonian OTA

Similar to the MN 66 with 36% more light gathering power the MN76 offers a fine balance between portability and aperture. Stunning optical performance, comparable to 6” APO’s at a much lesser cost. The scope is a very capable imaging platform and will show the most subtle planetary and lunar details. Contrast is exceptional, rendering deep sky objects more visible in less than perfectly dark skies. Fully rotatable mounting rings included. Baffled dew shield available as an optional extra.

Clear aperture ----180mm (7.1”)
Focal length ----1068mm ( 42”)
Tube diameter ----219mm (8.6”)
Tube length ----1067mm (42”)
Tube weight ----13.6kg (30lbs) including tube rings
Diameter of secondary mirror ----36mm (1.4”)
Diameter of central obstruction ----20%
Meniscus ----BK7 less than 1% reflection broadband multicoated
Mirror ----Sital 95% reflective SiO2 coated.
Tube ----Aluminum fully baffled cream colored.
Focuser ----low profile with draw tube and adapter
Finder ----8x50 mm with quick release bracket
Camera holder ----Yes
Optical quality ----1/7 to 1/8th wave or better

Tube holder Losmandy style dovetail plate
Built-in 12Volt cooling fan with on/off switch.---------------------------------------Price $2449 USD

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