Mak Cassagrain Models


Intes manufacturing co-operative was founded in Moscow in 1991, by a group of enthusiastic engineers and technicians, and was later transformed to Intes Micro.
Intes Micro has been engaged in developing, manufacturing and exporting high quality Russian Made telescope tube assemblies and accessories for experienced professional and amateur astronomers for over 12 years. Countries of export include Canada, Japan , Germany, Spain, USA , Korea, Italy, Switzerland, and others. Telescopes from Intes Micro have outstanding optical qualities, which have been verified by numerous customers world wide. All optical components are hand figured to exacting standards, as listed in the technical specifications on our web pages.The company produces both Mak Cassegrain and Mak Newtonian designs from 5” up to 14”.

Alter MK503 5” F/10 Mak Cass
Alter MK809 8” F/10 Deluxe Mak Cass
Alter MK1008 10” F/10 Deluxe Mak Cass
Alter MK1208 12” F/10 Deluxe Mak Cass


STF was formed from previous Intes personnel and has already gained a reputation in Europe for producing telescopes of outstanding quality both optically and mechanically. These telescopes, which are now finally available in North America, command premium prices on the European market as the quality of their product has become evident to all. The company manufactures two sizes at present, the 7” Mak Cass, and the 8” Mak Cass.

Mirage 7” F/10 Deluxe Mak Cass
Mirage 8” F/10 Deluxe Mak Cass


A relative newcomer to the telescope industry, formed by one of the original Intes master opticians, the quality of these scopes has been shown to be every bit the equal of the other manufacturers, both optically and mechanically. Santel, has produced the very successful MK91 f/13 scope which has been highly sought after by lunar and planetary enthusiasts, as producing the finest images possible from the Mak Cass design. The design also allows the use of focal plane reducers to bring the F ratio to F7.1 for wider fields of view. Their product line has now expanded to include both 6” and 7” models, which have displayed the same attention to detail and quality that has made the MK91 so popular.

Santel MK6 6” F/12 Mak. Cass
Santel MK7 7” F/ 10 Mak. Cass
Santel MK91 9" F/13 Mak Cass

Alter MK1208

Mirage 8”

Santel MK7

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