Intes Micro MN56 5” F6 Maksutov-Newtonian OTA

The smallest and most portable Mak Newt that is made, competes favorably with 4” APO’s costing five times as much. Comes with padded carrying case, and fully rotatable mounting rings. Fitted dew shield available. Beautiful wide field views from multicoated optics and high contrast images from the small central obstruction.

Clear aperture ----127mm (5”)

Focal length ----762mm (30”)
Tube diameter ----162mm (6.4”)
Tube length ----720mm (28” )
Tube weight ----5.5kg (12lbs) including tube rings
Diameter of secondary mirror ----30mm (1.18”)
Diameter of central obstruction ----23.6%
Meniscus ----BK7 glass less than 1% reflection, broadband multicoated
Mirror ----Pyrex or Sital 95% reflective SiO2 coated
Tube ----Aluminum fully baffled, cream colored
Focuser ----low profile 2” with adapter and draw tube.
Finder ----8x40 mm quick release bracket.
Camera holder ----Yes
Optical quality ----1/6th wave or better.
Tube holder with flat plate and handle
Removable rear cover for quick cooling.--
----------------------------------------------Price $849 USD

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