Intes Micro MN86 8” F/6 Maksutov –Newtonian OTA DELUXE

Similar to the MN76 but offering 31% more light gathering power, or 78% more than the MN66. this is a serious all round scope offering unsurpassed views of planets, moon and deep sky objects. The optics simply leave little to be desired in a scope of this size at any cost. Due to the difficulty and expense in producing an APO of this size the MN86 has few rivals for the discerning amateur. Experienced observers report seeing lunar and planetary details that they have never seen in previous years of observing.
Very manageable for one person with fully rotatable tube mounting rings, this scope is an absolute joy to own.

Clear Aperture ----203mm (8”)
Focal length ----1200mm (47”)
Tube diameter ----260mm (10.3”)
Tube length ----1175mm (46.3”)
Tube weight ----20kg (44lbs) including tube rings
Diameter of secondary mirror ----40mm (1.57”)
Diameter of secondary obstruction ----19.7%
Meniscus ----BK7 less than 1% reflection broadband multicoated
Mirror ----Sital 95% reflective SiO2 coated
Tube ----aluminum cream colored fully baffled.
Focuser ----two speed low profile 2” with adapter.
Finder ----8x50mm with quick release bracket
Camera holder ----Yes
Optical Quality ----1/8 to 1/10th wave

Tube holder Losmandy style dovetail plate,
Built in 12Volt cooling fan with on/off switch.
-------------------------------------- Price $3725 USD

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