Intes Micro MN66 6” F6 Maksutov-Newtonian OTA

Similar to the MN56 with 44% more light gathering power in a very light and portable scope that won’t break the bank.
Beautiful planetary, lunar and wide-field views. Exceptional contrast and colors as is typical of the Mak Newt design. Small central obstruction.
Comes with padded carrying case. Fitted dew shield available.

Clear aperture ----152mm (6”)
Focal length ----952mm (37.5”)
Tube diameter ----195mm ( 7.7”)
Tube length ----952mm (37.5”)
Tube weight ----7.1kg (15.6lb) including tube rings
Diameter of secondary mirror ----31mm (1.25”)
Diameter of central obstruction ----20.4%
Meniscus ----BK7 glass less than1% reflection, broadband multicoated
Mirror ----Sital 95% reflective SiO2 coated
Tube ----aluminum fully baffled cream colored.
Focuser ----low profile 2” with adapter and draw tube.
Finder ----8x40mm with quick release bracket.
Camera holder ----Yes
Optical quality ----1/6th wave or better

Tube holder with flat plate and handle
Removable rear cover for quick cooling.-----------------------------------------------Price $1495 USD

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